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Spotlight Series

Heartland Spotlight Series

Grow, Protect and Manage your Assets

In and effort to help customers better understand a variety of different banking topics, Heartland Bank is proud to announce our Spotlight Series of educational seminars. Held locally in our branch offices, each session focuses on a specific topic and is conducted by experts from the Heartland Bank staff. Register for one (or more) sessions today and we'll look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Spotlight Series event!






Start Time

September Wilson Insurance Business Insurance 9/12/12 7:30 am
Dublin Insurance Personal Insurance 9/19/12 5:15 pm
Westerville Investments Basic Investing 9/25/12 5:15 pm
Gahanna   Insurance  Business Insurance  9/27/12 7:45 am 
October Reynoldsburg Client Services Merchant Services 10/23/12 5:15 pm
Grove City Investments Quarterly Market Update 10/24/12 7:45 am 
 Capitol Square Investments  Quarterly Market Update   10/25/12 7:45 am  
 Wilson  Client Services Merchant Services  10/30/12  7:45 am  
November Croton/Johnstown Investments Basic Investing 11/7/12 5:15 pm
Newark Client Services Merchant Services 11/8/12 5:15 pm
 Stygler Insurance  Business Insurance   11/13/12  5:15 pm

Investment Sessions

Basic Investing - Are You Building For the Future?

This session will be offered six (6) times in 2012. Investment Basics will teach the fundamental lessons anyone looking to take that first step toward improving their financial future will need to know. We will talk about the importance of goal setting, risk tolerance, and the different asset classes. Open to anyone interested in taking the first step to learning about investing.

Focus on the Market - Where Have We Been, and Where Are We Going?

This session will be offered four (4) times in 2012. The Quarterly Market Update will review all of the pertinent economic data and market results from the previous quarter. We will also discuss potential opportunities and weaknesses in the marketplace going forward. Anyone interested in investing and gaining a better understanding of the current economic and market conditions would find these sessions helpful.

Insurance Sessions 

Personal Insurance - Are you really protected?

This session will be offered five (5) times in 2012. The Personal Insurance topic will provide insight into commonly misunderstood coverages, important coverages to be aware of, understanding your deductible and key terms in personal insurance.  We will also discuss the general trend of insurance in Ohio and why rates are moving the direction they are. Anyone who owns a car, rents a home, or is thinking about any of these would benefit from this session.

Business Insurance - Are you really protected?

This session will be offered five (5) times in 2012. The Business Insurance topic will provide insight into a business’ commercial insurance, both property and casualty and can also touch on benefits. We will review commonly misunderstood coverages, common exclusions to look for in a policy, ways to help control your rates, and key terms in commercial insurance. Business owners and HR managers would find these sessions both useful and informative.

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