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Hudson Import Auto Services Stays “Tuned Up” Thanks to Heartland Bank

 Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hudson Import AutomotiveNhan Lee and Tyler Frank became business partners 17 years ago when they came together and formed Hudson Import Auto Services. They are the perfect example of the American Dream alive and well in central Ohio. At the time Hudson was formed, the two wanted to expand their small business and take ownership of their own property. This provided them the ability to have complete control of their business and with the help of Heartland Bank, they were able to do just that!

Through Heartland Bank’s business lending program, they were able to purchase their own building and fix it up to their specifications. They set high expectations for their facility and now that they owned their own building, they were able to “raise the bar” and are proud to provide the best in service for their customers.

“The job of the auto mechanic used to be a dying one”, according to Tyler Frank. “Today, a good auto mechanic can actually make more than a doctor who is just starting out because of the special knowledge it takes to be able to service all the different types of vehicles, systems and technology that is in today’s vehicles,” says Tyler.

Some mechanics work on all parts of any vehicle, while others chose to specialize in one area or on one type of vehicle. The best mechanics have mastery of a wide variety of integrated skills: electrical systems, computerized electronics, fuel systems, refrigeration and will invest $20,000 to $30,000 in tools alone. Also keeping today’s mechanics on their toes is the fact that designs of cars change every year. As a result, the job requires more preparation than ever before.


Speaking of tools, it’s not just the traditional wrenches and socket sets that occupy a successful mechanic’s toolbox these days. More and more, cars are controlled by electronic instruments, so mechanics are using computers constantly. In fact, computers have become an integral part of the toolbox and aspiring auto mechanics must have increasingly sophisticated vocational skills to be able to constantly adapt to changing technology. The integration of computers in automobiles means mechanics must be familiar with complicated new systems on a day to day basis.

Tyler and Nhan feel their success in both their business and improving the neighborhood will continue into for years to come. Currently they have two service bays but want to expand to eventually have seven to better serve their customers.

If your business could use a "tune up" when it comes your banking needs, be sure to let us know. While we don't call our business lending professionals "mechanics," they certainly have all the tools necessary to help your business succeed, so contact us today and let's get started.

In the meantime, if your vehicle needs some attention, be sure to visit the experts at Hudson Import Automotive today!

Hudson Import Auto Services
759 Hudson Road
Columbus, OH 43211

(614) 262-1522

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