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Big Shoes to Fill - Heartland Wishes Retirees Farewell

 Monday, April 09, 2012

Over the years, Heartland Bank has celebrated many milestones. We celebrated launching new technology, One Hundred years of commitment and service to our communities, and reaching $500 million in assets...just to name a few. This past March we celebrated another milestone… the recognition of a combined 156 years of banking moving into the exciting world of retirement bliss!

Bobbie Burba, VP, Commercial Relationship Manager, will be retiring from her full-time role as “The Church Lady” at Stygler Road. Bobbie joined Heartland Bank in 1996. She is an active member of the Gahanna Community and beloved mother to her two Shih-Tzus, Petey and Lucky. Her goodbyes only need to be brief as in addition to sharing her retirement with her babies and her wonderful mother, Thelma, she will still work part-time as a member of our Commercial team.

Judy Dettloff, VP, Loan Administration Manager, will be retiring from the Grove City Office. Judy was employee #2 (second only to our founder, Tiney McComb) at the newly formed Heartland Bank in 1988. Judy has come a long way from having to use clipboards to keep loan files straight and has been instrumental in transforming our commercial processing department into what it is today. In the upcoming years Judy looks forward to ministry work and in the upcoming months, looks forward to the birth of her second grandchild.

Bob Halley, SVP, Commercial Relationship Manager, will be fully retiring from the Grove City Office. When Tiney reached out to Bob about working at Heartland, Bob said he needed a desk and Judy…apparently he REALLY doesn’t want to be without her! As employee # 3 starting in 1989, Bob has been a pivotal part of helping Heartland become what Heartland is, especially in the Grove City community. We have been lucky to share Bob these past few years in a part-time capacity as he kicked off his retirement with his beautiful wife Peggy, and will miss him as he fully hangs up his hat.

Cheryl Krouse, VP, Retail Administration Manager, will be retiring from her full-time role with the Retail Management Team. Cheryl and her husband Jim have sunny plans to start enjoying her retirement as soon as she packs up the last box in her office. Cheryl joined the bank in 2003 and completely transformed the Processes pillar in our Performance Culture which enhanced and strengthened our People pillar and the bank’s success as a whole. Her good byes also need only be brief as we plan on having Cheryl still assist us with various projects so she doesn’t get too bored enjoying the beauty of Buckeye Lake.

The impact and involvement this very talented group of bankers has had on our Heartland family is second only to the immense vacancy they will be leaving behind in our halls and our hearts. They have worked hard and deserve this wonderful life step into relaxation and good times. Rest hard, play hard, and know that you will all be greatly missed. We look forward to the opportunity to catch up with all of you at company picnics and holiday parties.

Good luck and best wishes! Please join us in congratulating the following pillars of our institution as they move on to their next journey and be on the lookout for the details about the upcoming send-off that that is being arranged! 

Photos from the Retirement Celebration

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