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Banking For The Generations - The Roach Family Story

 Saturday, September 22, 2012

Banking has evolved over the generations from walking in to the local office to drive thru banking and from ATMs to online and mobile banking. As banking has evolved over the years to keep with the newest technology, so has our bank been able to deliver services to multiple generations. One such family would be the Roach family. They have been with Heartland Bank’s Grove City Office since the day the branch was open January, 1989. In fact, they were standing at the door bright and early to be the first ones to open their account.

When BJ Roach thinks about banking there isn’t any bank he would rather partner with than Heartland. BJ’s days with Tiney McComb, founder and current Chairman of Heartland BancCorp, go back to 1962 in Ironton, Ohio. BJ grew up working on a farm and he met Tiney through a banking relationship. BJ enjoyed the way Tiney did business.  Their friendship developed over the years and that friendship was the reason BJ re-established his banking relationship with Tiney after BJ relocated to Grove City from Ironton. “Heartland feels like a hometown bank. They care about you, and you can get your questions answered fast.” Over the years BJ referred business to Tiney and Tiney let customers know about BJ’s real estate business. As the years went by their relationship flourished.

Chris, BJ’s son, watched his father work hard at his real estate business. He knew that when he grew up, he wanted to do something different. While Chris attended college, he worked at a major insurance company. After he graduated, he went to them and asked, “Where do I get on the ladder?” The company told him that he would remain in the same position. Chris was discouraged. BJ said to his son “Why don’t you consider getting your license in real estate.” Chris thought it over and it was then he realized his father worked all the time because he loved the real estate business. That was the beginning for Chris as he joined his father in business.

In addition to real estate, Chris also opened another business called Family Traditions. In 1989 he purchased a building that was the former branch of a large regional bank and there he opened a gift shop. He decided to keep the ATM machine as a convenience to his gift shop customers. Since the building was a former bank office, he felt that she should do his banking with them. He met with a bank representative and explained his business needs. After waiting 45 days, Chris had not heard anything from the bank. He still had no business checking, no line-of-credit, no MasterCard, etc. Communication completely broke down and left Chris without the banking services he needed to run his new business.

Feeling frustrated, Chris made the decision to contact Heartland Bank. Within three days, all the accounts he needed to operate his new gift shop were opened. Chris has never looked back. No price can be put on the personal service he got from Heartland. It is an experience he won’t forget. Chris realized why his father, BJ, put such a value on the relationship he had with Tiney McComb as well as with the rest of the dedicated staff of banking professionals at Heartland.

BJ still prefers going personally to the Grove City Office as does his son, Chris. Chris states, “My father and I have never had an ATM card. We like to come in the bank whenever possible. We love the staff at Grove City.” However, he does utilize online banking to check balances, cleared checks, etc. Chris said, “Although I don’t use the mobile app much, it’s good to know it’s there if I need it.”

Chris’ daughter, Kacie Waugh, however, has her checking account at Heartland, uses her debit card and ATM card extensively. She also uses Heartland’s online banking and mobile app.

Chris introduced a new member of his family, Aleah, to Heartland Bank. Aleah, is a granddaughter like no other. She puts the sparkle in Chris’ eye and can do no wrong! She is also a Heartland customer. She comes in with Chris and makes a deposit in her own savings account.

Heartland has the tools to serve multiple families, including the Roach Family. One of the advantages of a community bank is that we are able to get to know our customers and understand their unique financial situation. Heartland has been doing community banking for 100 years and plans to be here the next 100 years to serve Chris’ granddaughter, Aleah, and future generations.

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