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EMV Chip

Big protection in a tiny chip

Heartland Bank is pleased to offer Visa EMV chip cards that offer improved security, global acceptance and continued ease of use.  These cards utilize tokenization technology, which will help reduce the possibility of credit card fraud.  

According to Scott McComb, President & CEO of Heartland Bank, “EMV should be embraced by banks and consumers alike. Once implemented, it will enable safer, smarter and more secure transactions across cards, mobile and remote payment channels.”

Currently, a cardholder’s information is stored on a magnetic stripe found on the back of the card. With EMV technology, cardholder information is stored in an embedded microchip on the front of the card. This first generation of new cards and readers will be ‘dual interface’ meaning that they can process both magnetic stripe and chip transactions to avoid any acceptance issues.

Due to the security in the chip, every in-person transaction you make is unique, which makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited.

Visa Chip Transactions - Simple. Secure. Smart.

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