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Certificates and IRAs

Certificates and IRA's

Open an account.At Heartland Bank, we want to be your savings place. We offer a variety of flexible terms to fit your personal or retirement saving needs. Be sure to check out our competitive current featured rates for more information.

Certificate of Deposit
A product that pays you a daily market rate of interest which is fixed for a specific term. Certificates of Deposit are available in terms of 30 days through 60 months based on your financial needs.

Option Certificate of Deposit
A product, with options, that pays you a daily market rate of interest which is fixed for a specific term. Individual may choose to exercise one of three options throughout the term of the CD: increase the rate once (should interest rates rise), make an additional deposit once, or withdrawal up to 50% at any time with no penalty.

Ladder CD
This certificate of deposit product allows customers to have the liquidity of a short-term CD with the benefit of a longer term and a higher interest rate. “Laddering” money is a time-tested and sound financial strategy that has been used by business savvy individuals for years. Since funds are FDIC insured, it is a great way to invest without the risk that the stock market brings.

The Heartland Ladder CD offers high liquidity and high yield. The revolving 6-month maturity eliminates long-term rate risk and gives the customer frequent access to their principal. The money for the CD is split evenly four ways into a 6-month, 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month maturity with corresponding rates. As each Certificate of Deposit comes due, it rolls into a 24-month term so that when the last 6-month maturity comes due, the process begins all over again. The customer is achieving higher yield in the short term without the burden and cost of having to come into the bank to renew their CD.

Traditional IRA
A retirement savings and investment plan on which your earnings are tax deferred until withdrawn. Heartland Bank is proud to pay above market rates on our Traditional IRA product.

IRA Statement Savings Plan
An IRA savings account that pays you a competitive annual percentage yield and provides you with a monthly statement of all transactions.

Roth IRA
An IRA savings account that differs from a conventional IRA in several ways. For more complete details on Roth IRAs please consult your tax advisor or click here to visit the IRS website.

For more information and product availability on Heartland Bank's Certificates and IRA's please contact your local office or click here to request to be contacted. We welcome the opportunity to help put you into a savings vehicle that will fulfill your savings goals! 

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