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Cash Management

Cash Management

Heartland Bank offers many online banking products to help ensure that your business banking can be done as quickly and effortlessly as possible. With less time spent on banking transactions, you can focus on what really matters - your business and your livelihood. Money management and cash position are critical to your company's success. With Cash Management from Heartland Bank, you can make immediate decisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Authorize Transactions

Authorize Transactions is a security feature specially designed to provide dual control for Cash Management services. It allows you to establish different security levels within a company. For example, a larger company can empower a clerk to create transactions, but may require a manager to approve them before they are processed. In smaller companies, perhaps a mid-level manager would be setup to handle both activities. It is also possible to grant only the sole owner the power to create and authorize transactions.


Payroll allows users to send ACH credits to recipient accounts at other financial institutions. This feature is most commonly used to pay employees. One of the most efficient features of this service is that you can split a payroll amount between two different accounts at two different financial institutions.

ACH Payments

ACH Payments allows users to transfer funds to accounts at other financial institutions. Payments are made through the ACH network for this service, and as such, users can capitalize on the control benefits of sending money via ACH, such as specifying when recipients receive funds and can subsequently minimize the float period.

EFTPS Tax Payments

EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service) allows users to send tax payments to federal and certain state taxing authorities.

Wire Transfer Requests

Wire Transfer Requests allow you to place wire transfers over the Internet. The recipient will receive the credit that same day as long as the wire transfer request was placed within valid business hours, as disclosed on the Wire Transfer form.

International Wire Requests

 Heartland Bank sends and receives international wire transfers over the internet. Credit will be given to the account if requested before post time. If requested after post time, the default date will be that of the next business day.

ACH Receipts

ACH Receipts is the opposite of ACH Payments. This feature is used to collect funds owed by account holders at other financial institutions.


Collections is a useful tool for collecting recurring dues or fees from members or clients. While ACH Receipts debit one account at a time, Collections allows you to debit multiple accounts outside the financial institution at the same time and credit your account inside the financial institution for the sum total of those debits.

Send a File

You can send an ACH or text file to your financial institution via secure SSL technology. For example, if your organization wishes to process payroll for a list of employees with all information saved in a particular file, you may want to use the Send a File feature to securely send the file to your financial institution for processing.

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